LEROY Karelle

Karelle Leroy is particularly interested in understanding the mechanisms leading to the formation of brain lesions found in Alzheimer’s disease and other tauopathies. Karelle Leroy has a long expertise of more than 20 years in AD research. In addition to these research activities, Karelle Leroy holds histology courses for students in dental sciences, biomedical engineers and physiotherapists.


Kunie Ando

Kunie Ando works on genetic risk factors implicated in Alzheimer’s disease and other tauopathies and 3D volume imaging in post-mortem brain tissues.

Siranjeevi Nagaraj

Nagaraj Siranjeevi works on the analysis of neuroprotective effects of miRNAs on the propagation of tau pathology.

Emilie Doeraene

Emilie Doeraene analyzes the effect of metabolic disturbances found in diabetes on tau pathology.

Andreea Kosa

Andreea Kosa analyses the effect of tau ASOs administration on the development of tau pathology induced by mouse intracerebral injection of pathological tau proteins isolated from human AD brains.

Lidia Lopez Gutierrez

Lidia Lopez Gutierrez works on the implication of kinases (by reducing their expression with si-RNAs on tau pathology propagation in mouse models expressing murine or human tau seeded by pathological tau proteins from AD brain.

Carolina Quintanilla

Carolina Quintanilla analyses the effect of miRNAs on tau pathology propagation in cellular and mice models.

Emmanuel Aydin

Emmanuel Aydin tests the antidiabetic treatments as a new therapeutic strategy to reduce the risk of dementia.


Jean-Pierre Brion

Professor Jean-Pierre Brion discovered tau proteins as the components of neurofibrillary tangles in Alzheimer's disease.